Our Mission is to empower our clients attain financial freedom

Our Vision is to be the financial services provider of choice. Our Objective is to  Promote the economic and social interests of members.

About Kidapu Sacco

Kidapu Sacco was registered in 1976 and the Formation was spear headed by 31 members. The objective was to provide savings and credit facilities to its members.Membership is drawn from salaried members, as well as duly registered groups in Kiambu county and its environs. Currently the Sacco has an active membership of 1156. We want to become a leading financial services provider nationally and a strong partner in social economic growth for all.

Why Choose Kidapu Sacco

Member Focus

Our mission is to get to know each and every one of our clients as intimately as possible in an effort to match them with the best resource to meet their needs.


An effective management structure and arrangements has been put in place for delivering the policy.


Every deal is different, and one of the first priorities in the due diligence process is to assemble a diverse due diligence team to cover up for the company.


Membership is drawn from salaried employees and duly registered groups in the area.

Sacco Perfomance and Growth Reports